We will measure people’s wellbeing using the He Ara Oranga wellbeing outcomes framework (the framework). It will be used to tell us how people are feeling and will help us to measure how people’s wellbeing is changing over time.

The vision for wellbeing in Aotearoa is: tū tangata mauri ora, flourishing together. 

How it works

The framework shows how wellbeing will be achieved from both a te ao Māori perspective and a shared perspective. Please note that the 'shared perspective of wellbeing' also applies to Māori. 

Factors that contribute to a person’s or whānau wellbeing are grouped under six different areas and summarise what people need to be and feel well.

Wellbeing will be achieved when all people, their whānau (families) and hapori (communities) experience:

from a te ao Māori perspective:

  • Tino rangatiratanga me te mana motuhake
  • Whakaora, whakatipu kia manawaroa
  • Whakapuāwaitanga me te pae ora
  • Whanaungatanga me te arohatanga
  • Wairuatanga me te manawaroa
  • Tūmanako me te ngākaupai

from a shared perspective:

  • Being safe and nurtured
  • Having what is needed
  • Having one’s rights and dignity fully realised
  • Healing, growth and being resilient
  • Being connected and valued
  • Having hope and purpose

How the framework was created

The framework was developed(external link) by the Initial Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission, in collaboration with communities, and with guidance from experts(external link) in wellbeing and mental health.

It was designed to reflect He Ara Oranga, the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction(external link). He Ara Oranga outlines people’s desire for a major shift in the mental health and addiction system.

The framework can be used by all organisations that play a part in mental health and wellbeing and will help the Commission to:

  1. assess and report publicly on the mental health and wellbeing of people in New Zealand
  2. understand the cultural, economic, educational, spiritual, societal, environmental, and other factors that affect people’s mental health and wellbeing
  3. understand the mental health and wellbeing of Māori.

Next steps

We need data to know if people are doing well under each of the outcomes identified in the framework. This will help us understand if wellbeing is getting better over time. This information will be published in a report.

The framework may change as we learn more and better data becomes available. 

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