As an independent Crown Entity, the Commission is required to publish a Statement of Intent (SOI) covering a period of four years, an annual Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE), as well as an Annual Report.

Statement of Intent 2020 – 2024

We developed the Statement of Intent after the Commission was established on 9 February 2021. The SOI was finalised on 9 June 2021.

The Statement explains our work, strategic objectives, and ways of working. As the first SOI, it gives details of how the Commission was established.

Statement of Performance Expectations 2021 / 22

Our Statement of Performance Expectations 2021 / 22 sets out the Commission's annual performance targets and how we will achieve them. It should be read in conjunction with our Statement of Intent.

Statement of Performance Expectations 2020 / 21

Our first SPE covers the period from when the Commission opened its doors on 9 February 2021 through to 30 June 2021.

The SPE contains the Commission’s prospective financial statements and financial assumptions. It describes what the Commission will deliver during this time and how we will measure our outputs.


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